Political Theology

How Are Christians to View Government? Lessons from Church History
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Christianity and Politics
Part 1, The Separation of Church and State
Part 2, The City of Man
Part 3, Aristotle and Augustine
Part 4, Politics and Virtue
Part 5, Recovering Virtue
Part 6, Revitalizing Institutions
Part 7, The Role of Education (1)
Part 8, The Role of Education (2)

Making Sense of the Surreal: The Worldview of American Politics, Part 1, Part 2
Now What?
Antichrist and the State
The Roots of the SCOTUS Decision on Same Sex Marriage; republished by the Stream.
The Postmodern Presidency

Interview on “The Heart of the Matter” Radio Program on the SCOTUS Same Sex Marriage decision, July 12, 2015

“In the World But Not Of the World? A Historical Survey of Church-State Relations” Centurions Program Lecture, July, 2005