The following is a partial listing of the seminars, lectures, and talks I’ve given. I generally redo and customize them for the specific audience, and I am constantly developing new talks as can be seen from other pages on the website. Please contact me about your needs and interests using the form at the bottom of this page.


  • Portals: A survey of contemporary American Worldviews
  • Understanding Buddhism
  • Understanding Islam (can be paired with or combined with Historical Apologetics: “Understanding the Crusades”)
  • Drinking Down the Moon: Understanding Neo-Paganism and the New Age
  • Analyzing Worldview Statements
  • Holding Worldview Conversations (usually paired with “Portals”)
  • Living the Biblical Worldview
  • The Image of God

Christianity and Culture

  • Christianity and the Development of the Western Political Tradition
  • Christianity and Education
  • Christianity and Human Rights
  • Christianity and Science
  • What has Christianity Ever Done for Us?
  • A Biblical Response to Poverty
  • Free Market Economics and the Church
  • Wealth, Work, and the Church

Historical Apologetics

  • Understanding the Crusades
  • Witch Trials and the Inquisition
  • The Galileo Affair

History Presentations

  •  The Black Death
  • A Brief History of Christian Spirituality
  • Christians who Changed their World
  • How We Got Here: The Development of Modern and Postmodern Worldviews
  • The Rise of Protestantism: The Reform of Word and Sacrament
  • St. Patrick and the Celtic Revival
  • Vampires before Dracula

Theological Presentations

  •  Decoding the Book of Revelation
  • The Image of God
  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation


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